I will quit, says Mayawati after her speech was cut short in Rajya Sabha

An angry mafia Mayawati Tuesday announced that he would abandon the Rajya Sabha after the president had wondered to restrict his impromptu anti-violence speech at Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

“I will renounce Rajya Sabha today” a visibly distressed Mayawati struck when Vice President P. Kurien asked to conclude his speech, as he had exceeded the three minutes given to make his presentation.

Ms. Mayawati, whose term in the upper chamber is until April next year, supports Mr. Kurien to say how he can be prevented from raising the issue of his “samaj” (community) and the Dalits. “I’m not done. You can not do that.”

“I do not have the moral right to be in the house if I am not allowed to put my views on the atrocities against the Dalits,” she said.

‘Notice Discussion only after’

M. Kurien said that he could only request a discussion after having settled under Rule 267 which is intended to defer procedures to deal with a problem and not a speech to launch a discussion.

A discussion can only begin after the president, the board government accepts the notice and accepts a discussion.

M. Kurien left her seat to try to calm her down, but Ms. Mayawati has refused to accept that she has no right to be in the house if she can not protect community rights.

“I’m going to resign myself to the house,” he said and left the house with a sigh.

His party-mate led by Satish Mishra followed, but returned to the House to raise slogans against the so-called political antidote government.

The Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said Mayawati was in the process of returning the presidency. “She should apologize. She threatened the president,” he said.

BSP members immediately led to shouts Well.

“Dalit Virodhi nahi Yeh Sarkar chalegi, nahi chalegi” (anti-Dalit government will not be tolerated).

Opposition leader Ghulam Nabi Azad rushed briefly to allow him to make his presentation.

Mr. Azad said that the government in a meeting of all parties before the start of the monsoon session had agreed to discuss any problems that the opposition would pose in the house.

“We promised for the prime minister. Let him go against her,” said M. Azad.

He said the opposition led by Congress gave notice to discuss the crisis affecting farmers, violence and anti-drug minority lynching.

In response to the treasury Banks barbas to respect the mandate of the people, M. Azad said that the government had a mandate to protect Dalits and minorities and for development.

“You do not have the mandate of minorities massacre and dalits,” he said, adding that Congress organized a strike in the protest hall. Members of Congress have left the house.

Soon, the BSP members returned in slogans against the government.