Market Live: Sensex, Nifty extend losses; ITC, Jubilant Food, Grasim most active

15:19 See FII: Sakthi Siva of Credit Suisse said that the month of July is associated with an additional 0.9 percent increase to an EPS consensus in 2017. It is now the 13th consecutive month of 2017 consensus level bets EPS “He added.

“If we assume that the updates continue and we follow the performance of MSCI Asia ex-Japan in 2004, it seems that there is still a potential increase of 14 percent,” he said.

Siva added: “While the last 5 years have been associated with a decline in share performance and a value-for-money valuation, our third scenario assumes a blue sky revaluing B / W at 10% above above Of its historical average when RoE increases to its long-term historical average suggesting a potential upside of 15 percent. ”

15:10 buzz: shares of VST Industries fell nearly 8 percent intraday after the GST Council, led by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, increased specific types of cigarettes in all categories lower than 75 mm.

By reducing the holding stock with a target price of Rs 3430, ICICI Securities said he believed it would increase the combined effect of the tax by Rs Rs 2.3 to 2.9 stick.

The government on Monday maintained the GST rate of 28 percent and the rate of 5 percent for the category below 75 mm and the increase of the specific drilling rate of Rs 1.59 to 2.17 Rs in a lower category To 65 mm, Rs 2.12 to 2.84 Rs for the regular size category.

The research center estimates that the change will increase the impact of indirect taxes on the business by 29%.

Update of the stock market indices 2:58 pm recorded losses suffered in the last hour of trading, with the Sensex up to 358.11 points, or 1.12% to 716.67 and 31 Nifty down 90.60 points or 0.91% to 9.825.35.

14:50 Revenue: HT media today reported 47.21 percent of consolidated net income of Rs 57.78 cros for the first quarter to June 30

The company had posted a net profit of Rs 39.25 crore in the April-June quarter of last year.

Total revenues during the current period fell by 1.54 percent to Rs 652.18 crore compared to Rs 662.43 crore a year ago, the company said in a report to the BSE.

Total HT media spending in the first quarter of the current year amounted to Rs 570.52 million, up 5.62%, compared with Rs 604.54 crore in the same period of the previous year.

14:35 Market Check: Equity contacts continued to operate under the pressure of sales, under pressure from ITC’s heavyweights and the Reliance Industries index.

BSE Sensex 30 shares fell 245.56 points, or 0.77% 31 829.22 50% NSE Nifty fell 55.20 points or 0.56% to 9 860.75 at low market volumes.